Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Hot Dog!

See that picture up there in my banner? I took it yesterday morning after my walk(more on that in a bit). Well, I wanted to make it my banner. I called Amy, but she had typepad and couldn't help. I called Sally, was gonna call her anyway cause it was way overdue. (By the way Tex, you are in my Favs now so expect more calls. Ehehehehehe.) But she got to looking and sent me a link to someone absolute awesome. So easy to read the directions and do it myself. Here is the link I followed to get my banner up there: http://lindsayteague.blogspot.com/2005/06/how-to-1.html .

Ok, for the walk. I went walking around 10am. Yes, it was hot but I did it. Sunshine even walked with me-for about 10min. only. I walked for 20min. Sweating like a stuck pig by the time it was over. I mean even my legs were sweating. Yuck, right? Yeah, I know but I just gotta get it done.

At the very end of the 20min. an orange and black, not a Monarch, butterfly was on my purple butterfly bush. By the time I ran up to the house to get my camera and got back down to it, the butterfly was gone. So sad. See I have this thing for butterflies. My momma did too. So does Sunshine. For me I always thought they were beautiful, but during my mother's funeral they, including a Monarch or two, were flitting all around. Then they just hovered around me and kept zooming past/around me after the funeral was over. Keep in mind that this was Oct.31. So now everytime I see a butterfly, I think of my mother. It is as if that's God's way of her letting me know she is still with me.

Anyway, I went around the yard taking different pictures of different things. Of course most of them were of flowers. So I will be changing my banner from time to time with new stuff. Still got lots to do in the yard though, so I may get more shots as the yard starts looking better.

After I watched You, Me, and Dupree I told the girls they could come out of their room. We all went swimming. I put on my swimsuit and went out with them. We had a blast. I was sore last night and am still sore this morning. While doing my kicks on the kickboard AND hold the the girls(35 and 52lbs)on my back at the same time, I used muscles I had forgotten I had. But we did flips. Sunshine and I talked underwater. I taught Pooh to dogpaddle. It was so much fun! It is suppose to rain today, otherwise we'd be doing it again.

The agenda today is to go pay a bill, pick up Bridge to Teribithia and Happily Ever After, get some bug spray, wash bed linens, and scrap. It is going to be such a fun day!!!!

Hope ya'll have a great one too!


Lisa said...

LOVE that new banner! That's fantastic! Great job Mary!!

Amy said...

way to go! so glad you are walking, too.

melita said...

awesome banner Mary! and make sure you have lots of tissues when you watch Teribithia (sp?) I watched it on a plane ride from Chicago to CA and just cried for the 2nd half of the movie. It was not something I would normally let my kids watch, but 4 hrs on a plane is a LONG time!

manhev98 said...

You are such a great mommy!! I love how you are with Pooh and Sunshine. I hope I'm as great a mommy as you are. Love ya!