Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hey Ya'll!

Hope you all had a great Saturday. I sure did. We just kinda hung around the house. I finally got to see Tyler Perry's Madea's Family Reunion. So funny but not as funny as Diary of a Mad Black Woman. Now that one can have me rolling on the floor laughing my fool head off. Anyway, when I saw it had Cecily Tyson in it I was so freakin' excited. LOVE HER!!!! Maya Angelo is pretty darn great herself. But just to let ya'll know that if my husband gets out of line, I'm gonna threaten him with a "gritball". If you don't know what I'm talkin' about, go get the movie. Tyler Perry is just awesome.

Ok. Really quick on another piece of my Presidential ramblings..... China. The treaty with China has taken a lot of jobs away from Americans because the raw materials can be sent over there to have things like tvs, radios, etc. made and then sent back here to be bought by us. We are no longer making these tvs, the Chinese have the jobs to make them thanks to Willy. How are we to buy the products if we have no jobs? True some U.S. companies are no going over there, but that doesn't really benefit us here with jobs now does it. It helps the big fish but not the smaller ones swimming in the pond. When all the little fish(the working class) die off(go unemployed)then it won't be much longer til the big fish(big companies, billionaires, etc.) diminish.

Which also brings me to another point. We are not taking care of our own. It kills me when I see commercials of organizations wanting to help little kids overseas. What about our own? There are families here that need help. For sure those losing their jobs in turn losing their houses and everything else. They can't really get much help until they hit total rock bottom poverty. Then they are so ashamed to ask for help that they don't. I'd love to find an organization that anonymously gives to those it sees in need. No paperwork to fill out, etc. I would sink every extra penny I had into it.

AND another thing, I'm tired of all this frivolous spending. Take the WWII(I think that is the one I'm thinking of.) Memorial. Cost-MILLIONS of $$$$$. There are still living survivors and spouses of those veterans who are barely getting by. They are having to chose between food, water, heat, or medicines. Why could all that money not have gone to them for these basic necessities to say, "You took care of us, now let us take care of you"? For me, it is a slap in the face. Having every father and grandfather, including in laws, serve in the military I just think the money should've been used more wisely.

Healthcare is something that would be a little more difficult to solve. I do think that those doctors who do what's called a "shotgun effect" type of testing runs the cost of insurance and healthcare up. (A shotgun effect is running every possible test and getting the answer. This is used instead of considering the symptoms, narrowing it down and then running thru the different tests.) There has to be an answer, but my thought is that most on Capitol Hill have some stock in the insurance/pharmaceutical/medical tech companies or this would've already been taken care of.

Immigration... While I do NOT think it is right for those who broke the law entering our country should get a free pass, I do think something should be done. If they are to stay, then I feel that a member of immediate family(husband, wife, son, or daughter) should be required to join one of the armed forces. They should be made to pay taxes two-five years before becoming citizens. This may eliminate all the jobs needed for the ones affected by the China treaty being snatched up by those who will work for far less than minimum wage. And I sure don't think that we should have to take care of these new citizens elderly/aging parents coming over here. We can barely take care of our own. It should be them paying taxes at least 10yrs before we take on the care of their parents. Then the parents should have to pay taxes too if they are going to accept all the benefits. Again, I don't feel those entering the country illegally should be rewarded, but they should be given some type of option. It is not right to those who go thru all the right channels legally.

Ok so that is my ramblings for today. Argue on. Disagree if you care to. Maybe you will help me see things in a different light, but I doubt it. lol.

Hope you all have a great Sunday. God bless you all.


Eminepala said...

girl you are SO up to date with the things that are happening around you... Love that

sally hanna said...

wow aren't you ms. happy blogger lately!!
sounds like your flower beds are lookin good!!

Amy said...

saw the flowers and they are looking great!