Saturday, June 16, 2007


Yesterday was super great! I woke up at 6:08am. Drank my coffee and was working in the yard by 6:30. I didn't walk or run, but worked in the yard until 10:15 or so. With all the lunges I did planting the petunias and walking back and forth in the yard, plus all the squats I did, I think I did enough exercising. At least that's what my thighs and gluts told me last night and this morning. lol.

Anyway, I water the flowers a little. Planned on watering them more in the evening, but good ole Mother Nature helped meout a bit. Get this! It actually rained nice and slow for about an hour!!!!! It came in slowly, so no drastic changes in atmospheric pressure which meant no chest/back pains for me. YAY! So that made me even happier. We are suppose to get some rain later this week, hopefully it doesn't change it's mind. So later today or tomorrow afternoon after church, I will be planting those other rose bushes that I still haven't dug up and replanted. And I will be moving the rest of the day lillies.

But before I go! If you haven't watched "Happy Feet" you just gotta do it. I laughed more than my girls did. I resisted this movie for a long time, but finally said we could rent it last night. Now I think we are gonna have to buy it. I just LOVE Ramone.

Have a super fabulous day! (Promise I will get back to my Prez ramblings soon.;))

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