Sunday, October 14, 2007

Some great tv...

was watched today. I watched Alabama almost lose to Ole Miss. Unfortunately, I missed Auburn squeaking a win passed Arkansas. But then as I was finally crawling into bed, Jon Bon Jovi was the host to Saturday Night Live. LOVE some Bon Jovi. Jon has certainly aged well. I could not get over how old Richie Sambora, my teen crush, looked.

But then I flipped the channel when SNL went to commercial. Boston was playing Cleveland!!!! How could I have not known this? Duh! Well, I flipped the channel back and forth thru most of the game. Couldn't miss BJ now could I? Then ET came on and I got a little too wrapped up watching all that stupidity that when I switched back to the game, Cleveland was up by 3. Urggghhhh! No way!!!! So sad. Then another run was made. I was so upset that I couldn't go to sleep right away. This was 1am! How crazy is that?

Anyway, got up and went to church. Came home and ironed a week's worth of clothes. Now more good tv is about to come on. Gonna watch Zoey 101 with my girls, put them to bed. Go to my room and watch DH and B&S while scrapping. Already have the pictures trimmed down for one layout. Gonna have some fun tonight.

Hope ya'll have a great night.

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waterlilie said...

For those of us Cleveland fans it was a good game...hee know my hubby ordered me to be a Cleveland fan when we married right? :)